"Best teacher I've personally ever had.

Great to see there is going to be a great

online reliable source for lessons!"  ~ Jerrod Perkins

"As a former student, I highly recommend Mr. Fontenot as any type of percussion teacher. Not only has he broadened my skills in performance, but has also taught me how to be an effective percussion instructor."  ~ Corey Allen

"One of the best drum/percussion teachers I’ve ever had. He is a great teacher that not only helps you reach your goal but also provides the necessary skills and groundwork to excel past those goals. Thank you Mr. Fontenot"  ~ John Abreu IV

"Dwight Fontenot's teaching methods are the most comprehensive and easiest to understand i've have ever seen. He is able to break down complicated concepts, and more importantly, have the student successfully perform his concepts to a high caliber. With his deeply prestigious background and high caliber credentials, he is the best of the best in the industry 999 out of 10 points to recommend!"  ~ Victor Huynh

"This guy here is truly amazing. As a young drummer my knowledge of percussion was limited to making “cool beats” and attempting unnecessary stick tricks.  But, when I was introduced to Dwight my eyes were opened to the world of percussion. I learned everything from DCI, to mallet percussion, the Percussive Arts Society, to many many other things. But, most of all, I was taught hard work. He really helped find a spark inside of me that took my love for music through college and further. Great man/instructor!"

~ Justis Davis

"I was able to learn more about percussion than I ever thought I would at the high school level. Even 10+ years later I still find myself breaking out binders that are full of his exercises and always end up improving upon my abilities. The skills I learned from Dwight also weren't just musically related. Picking up discipline, leadership, and teamwork, as well as developing a productive work ethic have all tremendously helped me further my own career outside of music and enabled me to stand out above my peers. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a mentor, teacher, and professional."  ~ Taylor Cobb

Dwight Fontenot was my percussion instructor my senior year of high school. He came to us with a wealth of knowledge and met us where we were. This allowed him to see our individual strengths and weaknesses and to personalize a teaching regimen for our needs. As a music educator myself, i have taken many of his exercises and disciplines and applied it to my own private lessons. He was a powerful force of knowledge and experience that helped shape me as a performer, and every time I sit down to play, I apply many of his lessons. If you’re looking for lessons, this is your guy. Take advantage of this! You will not be disappointed.  ~  Kyle Coplen

We were lucky enough to have Dwight on staff last summer. His work with the Brandeis Percussion Program was second to none and was a driving force in our summer percussion camp! I can say with confidence that Dwight’s vast knowledge and experience will guide any student to become a success within any program nationwide. Get signed up while there's time! ~ David Suarez

"I had the great experience of having Dwight Fontenot as a band director when I was in 8th grade. He allowed me to follow my passion in exploring many different forms of music as well as diving into music technology which led me to where I am today as technician In the preforming arts. I highly suggest if you or someone you know wants to study music and expand your musical understanding to take his classes that he is providing through these uncharted times!"

 ~ Will Brunson